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650 Gallon Waterwall Fatboy
650 Gallon Waterwall Fatboy
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Part Number: WWT-FBV010  
Capacity: 650 Gallons  
Weight: 220 lbs.  
Ships From: NC  
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Manufacturer: Waterwall  
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The Waterwall Fatboy tank has a large capacity while still being space efficient... despite the name, the Waterwall Fatboy tank has an excellent size-to-compacity ratio holding 650 gallons while just being over 2 feet wide! Waterwall tanks are made to exacting standards - the UV stabilized high density polyethylene ensures light does not enter the tank stopping algae from growing in your tank water.  The Waterwall Fatboy 650 has solid thick walls that keep the tank strong and prevents "bulging" over the many years of service.  Even during dry times, an average size house can collect a considerable amount of water.  The Waterwall Fatboy can easily chain up to additional Fatboys enabling you to build the size system you really want and need.  Click on the links [below] for more details.

Dimensions: 7'6" long x 6’7" high x 2'4" deep

Capacity: 650 gallons

Weight: 220lbs. empty; 2.8 tons full

Inlet: A 12" mosquito proof leaf strainer supplied with the tank can be placed in any of three inlet positions on the top.

Overflow: A 3" flanged overflow outlet is provided, including rubber seal and screws for installing. There are overflow positions on either end of the tank.

Outlets: Two brass threaded 1" tap outlets - one in each end and one low on the front of the tank - plus one 3/4" tap outlet at knee height on the front of the tank.

Footing: A level, solid base is all that is required for Waterwall Fatboy such as cement pavers or a contained sand base.

Material: High density polyethylene, UV stabilised, FEA approved for holding potable water.

Installation instructions: Step by step details of installing the Waterwall Fatboy rainwater tank are available for download, and to view online.

Download: Information brochure with dimensions and specifications.