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Our Products

A Rain Barrel allows a Homeowner to Collect Rainwater for re-use in the Home and Garden. Installing a Rain Barrel benefits the Environment by Reducing Unnecessary usage of Freshwater for Home and Garden use, and also Reducing storm-water run-off.
  • Agua Fria Rain Barrels
    Top of the line and most popular rain barrel, the Agua Fria Rain Barrel line is made of recyclable virgin resin, FDA approved for contact with potable water. It has a thick, heavy duty seamless wall designed to withstand freezing temperatures.
  • Bushman Rain Barrels
    Every gardener knows that a successful growing season requires a lot of water. However, with droughts hitting numerous parts of the United States. The Bushman Rain Barrel provides an easy way to collect, store, and irrigate with Rainwater.
  • Cubo Series Rain Barrels
    The Cubo Rain Barrel has all of the extra features for effective rainwater collection, storage, and distribution. This Cubo Rain Barrel has vertical parallel sides which offer less resistance to expanding ice than constricting shapes.
  • Madison Rain Barrels
    Conserve with style! The Madison Rain Barrel is beautifully detailed, collect rain from your downspout to water your flowers and save money on your water bill! Complete with a planter top to display beautiful flowers or plants.
  • Nino Series Rain Barrel
    The Nino is a combination Rain Barrel and planter. It is very decorative and integrates nicely with your landscape design and home. It fits in with other planters you will have around your home. No one will know its a rain barrel!
  • Villa Series Rain Barrels
    The Villa Series was created to produce a less expensive rain barrel with the same quality as our existing lines. The Villas all come with non-removable tops with plastic basket strainers and plastic drain valves that are garden hose thread.