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Our Products

Rainwater Tanks Allow you to Capture Rainwater and use it When you Need it. Plus it Will Complement the Appearance of your Home and Add Value, While you do your Part to Save Water. NO MORE WATERING RESTRICTIONS!
  • Rainwater Harvesting Tanks
    Rainwater Harvesting Tanks are made from the highest quality rotational molded polyethylene with built in UV stablization. Poly-Mart Tanks are designed for above ground rainwater harvesting use.
  • Rain Barrels
    A Rain Barrel allows a Homeowner to Collect Rainwater for re-use in the Home and Garden. Installing a Rain Barrel benefits the Environment by Reducing Unnecessary usage of Freshwater for Home and Garden use, and also Reducing storm-water run-off.
  • Rain Harvesting Equipment
    Rainwater Harvesting Equipment and Products are Designed for your Rainwater Collection Needs. Leaf Eater Advanced, Leaf Eater Ultra, Leaf Beater, First Flush Water Diverters, Rain Alert, Tank Screens, Clean Rain and Much More.
  • Rainwater Hog Rainwater Tank
    Rainwater HOG modular Rainwater Tanks are used to catch and store your rainwater for reuse on your garden and even in your house. Irrigate with it, hose with it, even shower with it!
  • Rainwater Pillow Rainwater Tank
    Rainwater Pillow Rainwater Tank is designed for the kind of short, heavy downpours we often experience. Three inch pipes allow massive amounts of water to be collected into usual un-used crawlspace, greenhouses, or under your porch or deck.