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Downspout First Flush Water Diverter Kit 3" Round
Downspout First Flush Water Diverter Kit 3" Round

Price: $20.99  
Part Number: RH-WDDS99  
Weight: 5 lbs.  
Ships From: CA  
USD Shipping: Calculate Shipping  
Manufacturer: Rain Harvesting  

Downspout First Flush Diverter Kits from Rain Harvesting are simple to install, operate automatically to help prevent pollution of your water tank, and are available in a number of different sizes to suit specific requirements.





Simple and effective first flush devices, they are installed at the downspout and used when there are a small number of downspouts supplying water to the water tank/cistern.







It is preferable to fit the longest length chamber as possible to ensure better quality water. Install from the roof gutter and after the rain head, to within 6" above the ground to allow easy access to the end cap.
















Optional Stainless Steel Primary Screens are available - they provide additional filtration to ensure the slow release control valve does not block up. This ensures the diverter automatically resets itself after rainfall.

Downpipe Water Diverters are sold in kit form to suit 3" and 4" PVC downpipes. Everything is included to complete installation - just add the desired length of pipe for the Diverter Chamber section.


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