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Mozzie Stoppa Hi-Flow Flap 3" Round
Mozzie Stoppa Hi-Flow Flap 3" Round
Original Price: $19.15
Sale Price: $14.35  
Part Number: RH-TAFV99  
Weight: 4 lbs.  
Ships From: CA  
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Manufacturer: Rain Harvesting  





Features and Benefits

  • Automatically opens & shuts
  • Prevents pests from entering the tank via the overflow
  • Higher overflow flow rate for high rainfall events
  • Self cleaning




Installation Instructions:
The Mozzie Stoppa incorporates a Male and Female press fitting that does not require solvent cement glue to install.  To install, simply press the fitting into the overflow outlet.  When selecting a location for the Mozzie Stoppa, consideration must be given to maintenance.  The Mozzie Stoppa must be removeable to allow cleaning of the stainless steel mozzie screen.  It is important that the Mozzie Stoppa is not glued to the pipe outlet for easy maintanence purposes.  


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