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Gain Rain by Rain Harvesting
Gain Rain by Rain Harvesting
Original Price: $19.15
Sale Price: $15.31  
Part Number: RH-GSGR99  
Weight: 1 lbs.  
Ships From: CA  
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Manufacturer: Rain Harvesting  


The Gain Rain® is the simple way to collect more rainwater. Easy to use, the Gain Rain® is designed to fit into the inside of a downpipe creating a diversion dam directing water away from downpipes not connected to storage. The Gain Rain® allows the maximum flow of rainwater to be directed to rainwater tanks or diverters.  In the event of high rainfall, water overflows through the centre of the Gain Rain® down through the downpipe.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple alternative to plumbing downpipes to your rainwater tank
  • Quick and easy to install – simple DIY product
  • Ideal for use with rainwater tanks and rainwater diverters
  • Safety overflow – to protect gutters from overflowing
  • Anti-pooling feature – no risk of mozzies breeding
  • Anti-drop feature – no risk of Gain Rain® falling into downpipe
  • Available in 90mm Round, 100 x 50mm and 100 x 75mm Rectangular
  • Twin pack






1. Safe access to Gutter Outlets; and

2. Gutters Outlets are free from debris.



1. Ensure the ‘TOP’ is facing upwards.

2. Lower Gain Rain® into the Gutter Outlet until the locating pins rest on the top face of the Gutter Outlet. In the event of high rainfall and the gutter filling, water will overflow through the center of the Gain Rain®

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