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Leaf Beater Original Rain Head Upgrade Screen
Leaf Beater Original Rain Head Upgrade Screen
Original Price: $23.99
Sale Price: $16.27  
Part Number: RH-RHAC98  
Weight: 2 lbs.  
Ships From: CA  
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Manufacturer: Rain Harvesting  



Upgrade the Leaf Beater® Original Rain Heads with Upgrade Screens incorporating patented Clean Shield™ technology. Clean Shield™ technology incorporates single screen technology and ensures debris is directed away from the flow of water and off the rain head’s screen.

The Upgrade Screens will increase flow rates and enhance catchment efficiency. Minimal maintenance is required as the Clean Shield™ screen automatically sheds debris.

Features and Benefits

  • Fits Leaf Beater® Original rain Head
  • Patented single screen technology for advanced debris shedding (Clean Shield™ technology)
  • Easy to install and minimal maintenance
  • Enhances catchment efficiency by deflecting debris out of the
    flow of water
  • A single mosquito proof stainless steel mesh screen with
    0.955mm aperture
  • Increases flow rate performance


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