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Leader EBS 800 1/2HP Pressure Booster Pump
Leader EBS 800 1/2HP Pressure Booster Pump
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Part Number: PA-60113474  
Weight: 24 lbs.  
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Manufacturer: Leader  
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Leader EBS 800 1/2HP automatic, self-priming above ground rainwater pump system. Up to 22 gpm and 51 psi (max)

Automatic self-priming multistage (with 3 - 4 - 5 impellers) which is one of the quietest pump available in the world (67 dB).

Built with integrated electronics to supply water for systems including,

• Pressure Boosting

• Residential Homes

• Farming application’s

• Residential Irrigation

• Garden Irrigation/Drip/Low Flow

• Hydroponics

• Rainwater Harvesting Systems

• Water Supply from Shallow Wells



• Equipped with an electronic safety device

that protects the pump from dry-running

• Built in Non return Valve

• Designed to automatically start & stop

when the taps are open or closed

• Automatic and Manual resets

• Constant pressure at a constant flow

• Supplied with a power cable and plug

• Supplied with a 1/2 gallon pressure tank



• Plug and Play

• Large Range to Cover Various System Sizes

• Provides Excellent Pressure " In a compact


• Weather Proof (Always recommended to

protect from the elements)

• Quiet Operation (Less than 70 DB)

• Dry Run Protection

• Automatic Operation

• Over/Under Voltage Protection