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Leader Ecovort 520A Multi Purpose Pump
Leader Ecovort 520A Multi Purpose Pump
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Part Number: PA-US520001  
Weight: 8.5 lbs.  
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Manufacturer: Leader  
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Multi-purpose submersible 1/2hp pump for drainage, emptying, pumping water between containers, to circulate water in garden ponds, create water falls and play water features. Suitable to pump clear water containing particles with maximum diameter up to 1-¼”,Connection size 1-1/4".

* Drainage
* Emptying sumps
* Transfering water between large containers
* Circulating water in Garden ponds
* Water falls
* Fountains
* Water features



• Plug & Play
• Large range to cover various requirements
• Provides Excellent flows“In a compact design”
• Efficient motors
• 115v 60Hz / 1/2HP
• CSA and UL approved
• Dry Run protection (with Float Switch)
• Built in thermic overload